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Roots is an interest to attain

bestness through goodness


Roots is a result of our strong urge to help world live close to nature and to inspire all to study, know and love nature.

Today we have reached a point where in we have reorganized and modified our lifestyle to an extend that we are only few steps away from living like machines. We lost the meaningful connection with the nature and a healthy human race is almost at the verge of extinction.

Our aim is to guide and reroute our society to our roots and traditions to protect environment, biodiversity and ourselves. Our first and foremost step was to share awareness about nature and natural products through Swasti Gramam , an organization developed by a group of like minded souls. As awareness alone is not sufficient as we have started sourcing distributing natural and indigenous food products of distinct quality among our friends and known groups. It was a humble effort to help people access non adulterated and most natural materials.

The response was immensely huge and positive that we decided to take a big leap named Roots so that more people get access to natural products. We have arranged a platform to reach for natural products mainly sourced from Kerala, a place blessed by nature in its true sense. And we source high quality items from genuine farmers and manufacturers who are selected through systematic and value based auditing methods and ratings.

Its our promise to you that Roots will provide value in natural products that will empower you to live healthier life.

beyond organic

As organic agriculture evolves from a movement to an industry, the organic label is increasingly disconnected from the founding spirit of organic.

As we do an ethical analysis we realise that ‘ organic “ is limited to direct regulations only, true spirit of an organic farmer lies in his subtle and intrinsic   values, dedication, happiness and his unending love to mother nature. Only such souls can achieve sustainability,and only those will let their cows graze freely and let the calves enjoy their mothers milk, and only those will have the wisdom to  retain the indigenous varieties and do seasonal farming; most importantly only such souls can pass on this great wisdom to their next generation. And Roots choose only those true spirited farmers to source materials.

As Roots think beyond organic we  promote only seasonal products and do not recommend preserving them artificially to be consumed later. And Roots avoid plastic containers for storing where ever there is a chance of plastic leaching. We act beyond organic by adopting all possible eco-threat minimization methods…




What we need is wisdom than just improved information and knowledge.

Life force in the form of plants and animals  is a manifestation of universe itself.The activities which causes imbalance in nature destroy the health of human beings.

Roots encourages living close to nature

We encourage and propagate products manufactured  with purity and mindfulness in a traditional manner retaining the quality.

We choose products taking into account the vision, dedication and activities of the manufacturer.

We have implemented systems to retain the quality consistently.

We follow a fair trade system with the manufacturers  by reducing the non value added expenses thus bringing their dynamic products to  you all which will ensure vitality in your lives.Barter systems are adopted at appropriate entities.

We do not demand for an agreement  with the manufacturers for trading, rather we believe in existing in your priority list by maintaining  our bestness, goodness and friendliness.

We are keen at developing a system to support old, physically week and differently abled people by helping them to do their best and making use of their knowledge and skills at various levels thus keeping them happy and helping them earn.

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Telephone: +91 9400 124 788 / +91 8281 065 888

11/283 Hat Complex, Meloor, Trisur Dist 680311
Monday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm

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