Chittamruthu(Heart-leaved moonseed) – 1 plant


Natural healer | Botanical name : Tinospora cordifolia | 1 plant

“Name in different Indian language : Indian Koyinav ( Indian kinaine), Vayastha, Jevanthi, Bishkpriya, Gulooji, Chinnarooham, Amrithavalli, Somavalli, Madhuparni.The plant is known as the Paracetamol of Ayurveda. The name “Amruth” means it defeat the death. It is a main content of ayurvedic medicine “Amritharishtam”.This plant seen everywhere in the village. It is mainly used to control Fever. It reduce the heavy fever and maintain and control the heat of the body. It is good medicine against blood cancer. It is good for the treatment of AIDS. The use of the plant develope the immune power of AIDS patient.
The plant seen in two varieties. One is Small leaf variety . It has Assimilatary roots, the flower is yellow and fruits are red. . Another is wild variety ( Tylophora Malabarica) and the wild one have the bigger leaf. Normally the small leaf variety is used in medicinal purpose.It is also a good Rejuvenator & good to control Blood sugar.many researchers found Tippa Teega is mostly helpful to control blood sugar level in Diabetes. It also helps to check in Fevers like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid. Just Chewing 1-2 leaves of Tippa Teega in the early morning and in the evening should bring down the blood sugar levels in diabetes. According to the study conducted by United States Dispensary in 1918, this plant has a long history in using as a medicine for many Diseases in India especially for Diabetes.

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