Home Made Herbal Kajal – 12gms


Roots Herbal Kajal is prepared using Indigenous cows ghee , castor oil and and various indigenous medicinal herbs like ironweed( Poovam Kurunnila ). There is absolutely no chemicals  used in this preparation. None of the kajals today are herbal and most certainly not the non smudging ones. This is the oldest recipe of kajal since from the ancient times written in ayurveda . Traditional mud deepam and  vessels only are used in the entire process and is proved to be very healthy for eyes. The Herbs used are ancient medicinal plants to treat eye diseases and also help treat head ache.

Pure castor oil is the richest form of vitamin E. It will heal your eyes, makes your eye lashes thick and blacker. Also relieves stress.

Camphor for providing coolness and stress relief. It helps in minor eruptions in eyes.

Cotton being the most natural fibre available anywhere in the world.

Ghee keeps your dark circles at bay by relaxing them if you are an electronic person who uses laptops, computers, and phones constantly. It cleans your eye of salt deposits from tears. Also removes your minute makeup residue trapped under the upper and lower eye lids.

This kajal is also used to treat eye cataract, one of the most known eye disorders in elderly people. Eye cataract can make people blind and if you see that way, this is a boon. Each and every ingredient is a wonder medicine to your eyes.


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