Handmade Vetiver Soap – രാമച്ചം സോപ്പ് – 100gms


Handmade Vetiver Soap – രാമച്ചം സോപ്പ്


Roots handmade Vetiver soap uses extract of Ramacham/Vettiver as a main ingredient and a traditional method is followed preparing the same.


  • Only Natural glycerine is used as the humectant. Olive maintains the moisture and nourishes the skin naturally.


  • No artificial colours , detergents and  flavouring agents are used in Roots soap.


  • Ramacham soap is suitable for all types of skin.It balances Vata and Pitta and it keeps the skin soft and youthful. It is best for skin disorders. It reduces body odour and acts as a coolant.

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