Sarpagandha Choornam(Indian snake root Powder) – 250gms


Wonderherb to control BP | Botanical name : Rauwolfia serpentina | 250gms

The herb is an active drug in lowering blood pressure. It is also used to reduce fever. During delivery, it is used to stimulate uterine contractions and promote the expulsion of the fetus. The plant is effective in treating insanity. It is popularly known as pagal-ka-dawa , a medicine for insanity. The herb is effective in treating insomnia because of its sedative properties. Rauwolfia is the best medicine for high blood pressure, and it has been adapted by medical society in most countries especially in American countries. The alkoloids which have a direct effect on hypertension , have been isolated in it and are widely used by doctors of modern medicine. Rauwolfia is also very effective in treating hysteria. One gram of powdered root can be administrated trice with milk.

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