Stingless bee honey – 200gms


Natural Medicine with a sweet taste

The liquid gold | 200 gms

The main feature of the stingless bees honey is that its good for new born babies and defend many kind of infections…Many known health benefits of eating stingless bee honey regularly include enhanced libido and immune system,anti-ageing,treating bronchial catarrh, sore throat, fighting bacteria ,coughs and colds. Stingless bee honey (cheruthen) certainly has a lot of nutrients because meliponine is smaller than the normal bee and can suck nectar from flowers to the deepest space. As a result, the honey collected contains many vitamins and minerals, among which is propolis, produced from the bee’s saliva mixed with its food such as pollen, bark, tree shoots and flowers.Stingless bee honey is not a normal big honey. Cheruthen is natural sweetener and can be used as substitute of sugar in medicinal and food purposes.

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